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John was happier with a team win than with personal achievements.


The story of John Cina is a tragic—yet proud one.


He was born in May of 1986 and was the only eighth-grader to graduate from his St. Charles Middle School class.


Continuing on to high school in DeSoto, John was named most valuable player in football and baseball. For most, their sports career would end there. For John, this would only be the beginning.


After high school, his talent sent him to Howard College in Texas on a baseball scholarship. A shoulder injury cut his time
short and he landed back in the DeSoto Area Schools Community, determined to share his talents with others.


John became very active in coaching, including assisting his beloved DeSoto Basketball and Football Teams as well as the State Champion Onalaska American Legion Baseball Team. 


May of 2014 brought shocking news to John, his family and friends. He was diagnosed with a stage four malignant brain tumor. Tragically and too quickly, he passed away nine days later.


Those who knew John remember him most for his magnetic personality and the ability to make the person he was talking to feel like he had been waiting all day to see them. John was always ready with a story, unusual fact or movie quote. He worked hard at making you laugh and was the guy people wanted to be around.


As an athlete, any team was better when he was a part of it, even if he just sat on the bench and told stories. He was happier with a team win than personal achievements. As a coach, John served as a role model and imparted his vast knowledge and respect onto the team he happened to be leading at the time.


His last birthday, which landed after his diagnosis, was spent at Chuck E Cheese, because as a son, brother, uncle and friend, he was devoted and proud. He was always sharing stories of something funny a niece, nephew or children of his friends did. He enjoyed attending their activities and participating in their lives.


The John Cina Seven is made up of the family and friends he has left behind. Money raised through this organization will benefit the communities within the DeSoto Area School District and the parks and fields John played on himself.


The John Cina Seven will be John's legacy—so that he may live on in the communities he so faithfully served.

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