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  1. Rosters

    1. Majors – Roster required.

      1. Players can only play on one majors’ team.

    2. Minors – No roster requirement.

      1. Majors’ players can play on a minors’ team, must bat opposite.

      2. 3-girl minimum.

    3. Young adults between the ages of 15-17 can play with parental permission.

  2. Wood bats only (community bats).

  3. No gloves what so ever…. including batting gloves.

  4. No steel cleats.

  5. 45-minute time limit will be enforced.

  6. The next game will begin 10 minutes after the previous game ends.  Arrive at least 30 minutes before your game time.

  7. Must have 8 players to start a game. Can bat as many players as you want.

  8. Pitch, unlimited arc – 6 ft or higher.

  9. Cannot leave bases until ball is hit.

  10. Force out after suicide line.

  11. No contact at home.

    1. Base goes to fielder.

    2. Mat goes to runner.

  12. No infield fly rule.

  13. Courtesy runner at first base only.

    1. Hit a double, have to back to first if you want a runner.

  14. Run rule in affect (no run rule in money games).

    1. 20 after 3 innings.

    2. 15 after 4 innings.

    3. 10 after 5 innings.

  15. In the event of a tie in round-robin play, tie breaker will be:

    1. Head-to-head.

    2. Most runs scored.

    3. Most runs given up.

  16. Winning team must provide one umpire for the following game, excluding money games.

  17. All others as rules apply.

  18. Only team captains can dispute calls on the field.

  19. All umpire decisions are final.

  20. Teams must wear their John Cina Seven Tournament t-shirts. No other sponsorship apparel is allowed.

  21. John Cina Seven is not responsible for any accidents/injuries.

Please download and
fill out the sign-up for
Send the form,
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payment to:
Charles Cina
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2024 Pumpkin Ball Rules

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